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Good morning, Ma'am. I have got a quiz for you.

Please click on the link to take test Ma'am.

Almost everybody blames the education system & yet everybody wants to bring change.

In an attempt to bring change in the way our future is learning today at school, I request you to ask your English language teachers to take this test.

We have created this quiz to make it a little interesting.

Please share this quiz with the most confident, learned or fluent speaker you can find in India. We are 100% sure that only 1% would be able to identify the right pronunciation of these words.

It is not that these are difficult words or we have a different accent. The fact is that we just don’t know how to read. And on the top of it, we waste a lot of time memorizing spellings & pronunciation.

Once you’re done, please share your score & feedback. Also share this test with your English teachers, parents & friends. You can always check the performance & publish scores.

A good teacher is a good learner first and is always open to learning. This test is to encourage English teachers to explore the benefits of readmyscript program. It's an attempt to bring focus of educators on the importance of research in education. "I have got a test for you Ma'am" series of test are a real challenge for learners who rely on memorization skills. We want English teachers to explore the benefits of experiential learning through readmyscript outreach program.

If you like the things we do, please spread the word & enroll your kids for upcoming workshop in your city & refer it to your friends.

Happy learning!

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