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Associate Partners:

Excellent opportunity to be a part of a revolutionary & most effective research based program on English spellings & pronunciation. sbw r&d invites applications from smart & dedicated edupreneurs to associate with us as readmyscript Associate & Franchise Partners.


Zero Investment Model:

​sbw r&d is looking for Associate Partners who have established learning/training/tuition centers or a good number of connections (parents and students). Associate Partners help us getting enrollments for readmyscript program workshops.


In Zero investment model earnings are divided as:

  • Associate Partner: 40%.

  • sbw r&d: 30%.

  • Promotional activities for next workshop: 30%.


Well connected educators with strong student/parent network.

Scope & Responsibilities of Associate Partners:
  • ​No investment required.

  • Associate Partners get the maximum number of enrollment for readmyscript program workshops. Associate Partners should strive for at least 30 enrollments per batch to ensure maximum returns.

  • Associate partners work diligently, along with sbw r&d, to achieve target enrollments per workshop. 30% of the enrollments we get are the result of the efforts we put in promoting our previous workshops. Efforts they put decide their future engagements with sbw r&d.

Scope & Responsibilities of sbw r&d:
  • The entire training program would be managed by sbw r&d. sbw r&d manages & bears the cost of training facilitation, venue & equipment etc.

  • sbw r&d provides facilitators for course delivery.

  • sbw r&d provides marketing support.

  • sbw r&d supports Associate Partners in demonstrating the benefits of readmyscript outreach program to parents and students.

  • sbw r&d trains Associate Partners on sales. However, there is no sales at all. We just have to demonstrate the benefits of readmyscript program. It’s as plain as a pike staff. No sales at all! We just have to shock them & plant seeds, & that’s it.

Benefits to Associate Partners:
  • Zero Investment.

  • Zero Management.

  • Value Addition.

  • Straightforward Profit Share.

  • Zero risk.

Expected earning of an Associate Partner in Zero Investment model:

Investment:                                        Nil.
​Target number of enrollments:          30 Participants.
​​Fee per participant:                           5,000 INR.
​​Earning of an Associate Partner:       60,000 INR per month.
​​Facility:                                               Not required.

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